Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some ups and downs

These last few days I have been all over the place, mentally and emotionally. My husband was out of town for a week, which I SHOULD be used to since I'm a military wife, but somewhere around day 5 I just started losing it! I blame PMS, and the fact that it rained almost every day and it was hard to get out of the house.

When we first moved here 4 years ago, I was in a bit of a depression.  I was having a hard time meeting new people and a hard time with Jackson's developmental delays.  Then one wonderful day I took Jackson to the play area at McDonald's and met Rebecca.  Her daughter was almost the same age as Jackson and we ended up chatting for awhile.  We had a ton in common! We made a playdate for the pumpkin patch...

...and ended up hanging out constantly for the next few years.  Rebecca was there for me through everything, including deployments, Jackson's autism diagnosis, and one horrible summer when our air conditioner busted and it took them 6 weeks to get it fixed!  (It's 100 degrees every day here in the summer, just sayin'!) She encouraged me to just keep going, and to this day she is one of the few adults (other than his therapists and teachers) that Jackson truly likes and will go out of his way to say hi to.  Plus Makenzie ended up being one of his best friends. 

Well, military life being what it is, they moved away this week. All the way across the country to Washington.  This has hit me so hard, even though we have known it was coming for months...

BUT this week has been going better. Sunday was my wedding anniversary.  Jason & I have been married for 6 years now.  We went to Red Lobster with the kids (I know, super romantic LOL) and I ate my weight in cheese biscuits. But honestly, I was just glad he was home. Last year he deployed the day before our anniversary! 

Any ups or downs in your week this week? 

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Annie said...

So sad that your friend moved.

Our week is having some downs cause my father is in the hospital and we visit him twice a day and is hard.