Friday, May 30, 2008

The Finale: My Last LOST post

...until next season anyway!
for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

I cried like a baby. twice. Once when the boat blew up (Sun's screaming was heartbreaking!) and once when Des realized it was Penny on the other boat!

I knew Michael and Jin were doomed, but I thought Des was going down with them. And I thought it would be more of a self-sacrifice on Jin's part. It makes it so much worse that he was this!close! to getting on the helicopter.

Does anyone else notice that no one ever feeds that baby? I don't know why but that bothers me a lot.

I honestly didn't know it was going to be Locke in the coffin. Actually, when we first saw that flash forward, during the season finale last year, I did guess that it was either Locke or Sawyer, but that was before we knew who the 6 were and all that. I tried all day today to come up with a theory, and while I had it narrowed down to three, I really didn't have a clue which one it would be. During the show, I thought it would be Ben. I think they were deliberately trying to throw us off by calling him Jeremy Bentham. I mean, come on.

Which brings me to the bazillion questions that I was left with at the end of the episode.

Why was Locke off the island? Why was he going around and trying to get everyone back? How did he die? -- I think Widmore (or someone he hired) somehow got to Locke while he was off the island. But would the island let him die? It wouldn't let Michael die so why would it let its "leader" die?

Will Ben be able to get back on the island? Is that why he is trying to help Jack? He probably thinks the island/Jacob needs him now that Locke is gone. Did he have something to do with Locke's death?

Can the island make mistakes? If so, why would it let the 6 off the island to begin with?

What horrible things have been happening on the Island? No main characters are really left there besides Locke, Juliette, and Sawyer, right? I guess Rose & her husband, and the Others are going to get bigger roles now.

Is Claire still alive or WHAT?

Where are Sayid and Hurley going? Sayid said they weren't going back to the island. Is he just lying to get Hurley to trust him or are he and Ben no longer working together?

Is Sun really going to help Widmore get to the island? Or does she blame him for Jin's death and is trying to ruin him in some way?

What did Charlotte mean when she said she was looking for the place she was born? Was she born on the island, and if so, how did she get off? And is this the end of Daniel and the random islanders' story? I think so.

As usual, this episode brought more questions than answers. I am so so happy that Penny found Desmond though, finally.

Did you see that there are going to be TWO alternate endings on Good Morning America on Friday morning? I seriously want to see them! I doubt I will be up that early though, so I hope they post the videos on or something. If you see them, send me the links!!


Amanda said...

I came across your blog - congrats on the baby - I know you have to be SO ready for the little one to get here!!!!
I am a southern mom - born in NC (was an Army brat) - now live in SC!! Check out my blog if you like at
I'll keep checking back for news on the arrival of the new baby!!!

Life In Progress said...

I share all your same questions. It's good to have fellow bloggers to share the wait with!!

Melissa said...

I saw on the TV guide site that the two alternate endings were two others that they had filmed in the casket just to confuse anyone who thought they might have a spoiler. One was Sawyer and I can't remember the other...

I hate waiting for this show to start up again, and the entire fourth season on DVD isn't due out until December! Why not have it out earlier?

Stella and Thomas said...

I cried at all the same spots. I really hope Jin is alive. Oh, and Desmond and sweet:-)

I think Claire is dead. I think she died when her house blew up. I need some answers and can not wait until next season.


Abbreviated said...

SO Claire & Charlie can be together along with the other dead people ?

Jen said...

Oh, I would love to see a Claire and Charlie reunion.

So many even thought of some that I hadn't even thought of. I really go back and forth between loving this show and wanting to throw something at the tv when I watch it. :)

Angela said...

I found you via Rocks in my Dryer... first let me say congrats on the upcoming baby boy! I never knew until I had my children how much joy they bring to your life... may the sleep fairy visit you shortly after birth!

LOST was awesome this season - I will be lost myself until the next season begins!

Nash deVille said...

I was SO happy when Desmond and Penny found each other. I cried too. So many questions. I thought the episode was great!